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As research shows, custom meta descriptions are able to increase your CTR up to 5.8%, which is a good outcome considering the little resources you might need to craft them out. In fact, to add a meta description in WordPress, you can either edit your WordPress files manually or use an SEO plugin to get control over your snippets So verwendest du die Kategorie- und Schlagwortbeschreibung als Meta-Description rd|jz / 21. August 2017 / Codeschnipsel, Meta-Description / SEO WordPress / noch keine Kommentare Eine individuelle Meta-Description ist nicht nur für Seiten oder Beiträge wichtig, sondern auch für Archiv-Seiten wie z.B. Kategorie- und Schlagwort-Archiv-Seiten Most WordPress themes will automatically display the category description on the category archive pages. However if your theme does not display category description on archive pages, then you will need to edit your theme files. Connect to your WordPress site using an FTP client and then go to /wp-content/themes/your-current-theme/ folder

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Place category_description in the meta description (wordpress) <?php if (is_single () || is_page ()) { ?> <meta name=description content=<?php echo metadesc ($post->ID); ?> /> <?php }else { ?> <meta name=description content=<?php bfo ('description'); ?> /> <?php } ?> Below is the code I wrote for header.php so that the description for a product category can be obtained and used for the <meta> description tag when viewing such a page on the site. Is there a more WordPress way to do this such as a function I should be using instead of referencing the description property of the object returned by get_queried_obj() Nous allons vous montrer comment ajouter une meta-description dans WordPress avec et sans extension. Qu'est-ce qu'une méta-description ? Exemple de méta-description. Les moteurs de recherche comme Google utilisent un robot appelé « web crawler » pour indexer votre site. Les informations ainsi obtenues leur permettent de les afficher correctement dans les résultats de recherche, de.

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  1. But how to display entered Meta Title & Meta Description on front end on category pages? What hooks I should add in functions.php file so that it gets displayed in category pages in frontend? php wordpress woocommerce hook-woocommerce. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited May 22 '17 at 7:59. Raunak Gupta. 8,666 2 2 gold badges 40 40 silver badges 77 77 bronze badges. asked May 22 '17 at.
  2. The meta description of a page is found between the <head> and </head> tags. It's coded as: <meta name=description content=Insert a short description of your website here. /> Most of the free WordPress themes available out there don't have the Meta Description Tag and users have to opt for a plugin to fix this issue. In this post, I will show you a quick and simple way to optimize your WordPress site's Meta Description using the existing 'Excerpt' feature. With it, WordPress.
  3. One of our favorite features is the snippet editor, which gives you the ability to edit your meta title and meta description in WordPress which we'll cover in this post. Your post's metadata (the meta description, title, and slug) is the information that appears in your search engine (Google) result page listing when a potential visitor is conducting a search. While most search engines don.
  4. My beginner's guide shows you step by step how to change your homepage title tag and meta description in WordPress. For a more detailed walkthrough, please v... For a more detailed walkthrough.
  5. When you set up or edit a category in WordPress, you may not have noticed that there is a Description box there. Most themes are already set up so that whatever you write in that description box will get printed at the top of the category page. If your theme doesn't do that, you can easily enable that by placing the following code in your category template page. (Appearance > Editor.
  6. Category description. It can help to have some code samples to check as an example. Our Tutorial on WordPress archive pages is comprehensive and has several good code samples. This does mean that every category and tag page needs to have some custom written text. That's not hard, but it can be a lot of work. Nobody said this was going to be easy ;-
  7. Retrieves category description. Top ↑ More Information # More Information. If used in the archive.php template, place this function within the is_category() conditional statement. Otherwise, this function will stop the processing of the page for monthly and other archive pages

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Unfortunately, WordPress doesn't include any native functionality for customizing the category or tag archive pages metadata (such as page titles, descriptions, etc) - hence you often see so many WordPress category and tag archive page titles in the format: 'Category Name | Site Title' Compare WP Vs Competitors & Choose The Best Site Builder To Build Your Own Site! Expert Reviews & Comparisons. Get The Info You Need To Choose The Right Builder For You How to Create a Powerful Meta Description on WordPress Guest Author May 17, 2021 All , content marketing , SEO Comments are off You have invested time, energy, and probably some money in creating your WordPress site Category: WordPress: Meta tags, keywords, and descriptions are some of the most common terms you'll come across when developing a website and growing website traffic. They are the most important ingredients of optimizing a website for search engines and ranking a website. How do you add meta keywords and descriptions in WordPress? Where exactly do you add the meta tags? Is it necessary to. Like most WordPress users, you are probably wondering will adding meta keywords and meta descriptions will improve my WordPress SEO rankings. While search engines don't exactly share how much weight they assign to keywords or description, SEO experts always recommend adding proper meta description and keywords for on-page SEO optimization

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We all know what the category and tag meta boxes look like on the write/edit page in WordPress. But as many of us look to use WordPress as a general content management system (CMS) and not just a blogging tool, it may help to change the labels on certain things, especially if you are building for clients or site users who don't even realize they're using a blogging platform Meta tags are one of the most important things in SEO. Having and set it in the right content following SEO instruction will help you to have a better ranking on search result pages.. Today, we would like to share with you some information about meta tags and how to add meta tags to your WordPress website without plugins The meta description should be limited to 140 characters, including spaces. It shouldn't be stuffed with repetitive keywords. It should be different than what you have used on other pages/posts. High quality descriptions are displayed in the search results pages (SERPS) and can improve the click through rate from searchers to your website. This also improves the quality and amount of.

Also, unhide the meta box so that you can go back to edit a specific category or tag and write a unique title tag and unique meta description. Next Steps Building out your category & tag pages is a win for both the visitors on your website, for search engines, and for new visitors who stumble on your site via search How to Add Meta Descriptions to WordPress Themes Using functions.php Zac WordPress Tips May 20, 2015 November 15, 2015 While working on an SEO for WordPress course recently, I was looking for a way to manually add meta descriptions to a theme from the functions.php file WordPress too does not create such META tags. META Description tags are inserted between the HEAD tags on the webpage. So how to create meta description tags for all your webpages which are customized for each page? You need to edit the HEADER file in your blog template presentation. Then you need to add a META description tag Reasons of Duplicate Meta Descriptions and Titles in WordPress. If you're using WordPress, you probably are managing Meta Descriptions and Meta titles of webpages via a WordPress SEO plugin. And if I am not wrong, Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin out there. In Yoast SEO plugin, you can set homepage Meta description under Titles & Metas settings. But the problem is.

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WordPress does not automatically include a meta description into the header section of the web page. Even if there are themes that have description meta tag support, it is usually contains description value which is the same across the whole website. There are many plugins that do the job to insert a description meta tag based on either except or first few sentences of the article. These. Meta descriptions must be unique to each webpage, so make sure you aren't using the same description for other pages on your site. Any improvements to your meta descriptions can be measured (if measured in isolation) as increased click-through rate. Note there won't be a change in your search ranking - Google confirmed in 2009 that meta descriptions are not an SEO ranking factor, but. This will avoid duplication meta description issue in categories pagination. We hope this tutorial on how to fix duplicate meta descriptions and titles in WordPress is helpful. You may also like to see the guide on how to add website to bing webmaster tools to drive more traffic If you are confused by meta descriptions and how to use them to improve search engine rankings this guide is for you! Whether you are looking for a perfect meta description example to inspire you - or just want some insight into how they can affect your webpage ranking- this guide can help

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As we continue our series on the All in One SEO Pack plugin, we will now show you how to set your SEO Title and Description.This plugin uses your Page and Post title for the SEO title by default, but you can easily change this. Your pages and posts will not automatically have a description, but we will walk you through adding a description and also setting your site to Autogenerate Descriptions I thin that Categories in wordpress is oneof the most important thing to structure our site. 5 years ago. Reply . tej. Hi Tom, What harsha said that is exactly currect one. Only few small sites are now using more tags and categories to make their sites top in google. But my doubt is, How to use tags and categories with out harm. Please share your Ideas. Thank you. 5 years ago. Reply . Worlds. If you'd like to learn more about the concept of WordPress template overrides, read up on the WordPress template hierarchy. Anyway, here's the full content of my final category.php Beaver Builder template: The WordPress category description (and title) happens at lines 6 and 7

Auf 'Tag' und 'Category' Seiten die Description als Meta

2.Add some text into the category area (do not add a meta description) 3.See no meta description appears. See only an og:description appears. Can you provide a link to a page which shows this issue? Technical info. WordPress version: 4.8; Yoast SEO version: 4.9; WooCommerce: 3.0.7; Workaround The workaround is to create a meta description in the snippet editor. The text was updated. By default, WooCommerce product categories are displayed at the bottom of a product page just under the add to cart button. You can remove these from the layout by removing the woocommerce_template_single_meta action from the product summary, in your themes functions.php STEPS TO REMOVE PRODUCT META CATEGORIES Open Wo

Multiple meta descriptions on one page. More than one tag may confuse search engines. Duplicate meta descriptions across multiple pages. Google says that you should differentiate the descriptions for different pages. Check for the first two errors on a page-by-page basis with SERPSim or Yoast. Crawl your website with Ahrefs' Site Audit and check the On page report to check for the. If you use a content management system like WordPress or HubSpot, you can bypass having to dive into the HTML code since these platforms allow you to change the meta description, title tags, and more all through the general settings. Plug-ins like Yoast are also available to make it easier to add the meta description to your web page

Dans l'admin de wordpress tu vas dans Extensions/ajouter, tu tapes custom meta (sans les guillemets), ça va te proposer le plugin custom meta, tu cliques sur installer et ça va le faire tout seul. Ensuite dans la gestion des widgets tu actives le nouveau widget sans oublier de le paramétrer. (je t'avais indiqué un plugin pas aussi simple à utiliser, celui-ci devrait mieux. Showing Category: in title is redundant and is not beautiful. To remove Category: from the title, you need to add some code to your theme. This post is about to do that. The problem of the category title. Here is the screenshot of the category title in TwentySeventeen theme (the default WordPress theme)

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In a recent post, I talked about using the WordPress plugin Add Meta Tags for adding meta descriptions and titles to posts and pages within my WordPress sites. It's a simple SEO tool but works well. Nevertheless, I decided to switch my sites over to Yoast SEO for all its extra features and guidance in constructing pages. I was anticipating quite a job as this blog alone has almost 100 posts. Woocommerce Product Category Taxonomy with the Yoast Plugin. By: Mae Demdam It's no surprise that our team is enamored by WordPress. We love the plethora of features, plugins and eCommerce extensions like WooCommerce and when building a recent client's eCommerce WordPress website, check it out here, we wanted to deliver a cohesive design and search engine optimization strategy that. You can read our guide: How WordPress Categories and Tags Work. Optimize for Search Results . Now that your content is SEO-friendly, you can optimize it for search results. This is one of the best ways to improve clickthroughs of your content in the results, so you can possibly drive more traffic. From your post or page editor, scroll down until you see AIOSEO Settings. Enter the title of your. Definition. A meta description is an element in the HTML code of a web page that provides a brief description of the content of that page. Although the visitors of a website cannot see it directly, search engines such as Google use it to display a web page in search results: Screenshot with meta description of Seobility from google.com. As the meta description is a meta tag, it is specified in.

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你下载的WordPress主题提供的keywords和description这两个meta标签一般都做得很差,或者根本就不提供,这样不利于SEO。本文将指导你如何给主页、分类、页面以及文章页添加单独的Description 和 Keywords。 很多人都在用All in One SEO插件解决这个问题,但是又有很多人说这个插件不好。大不了咱就自己用代码. Wordpressのカテゴリ設定には、「説明」というカテゴリの説明を入力する項目があります。カテゴリの説明とは、Wordpress設定で以下のような「カテゴリに対する説明を入力する項目」です。今回は、この「説明」で入力された情報を元にして What to Expect When Adding Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress. Step 1 - Install and Activate Yoast SEO Plugin; Step 2 - Add the Focus Keywords and Meta Description; Step 3 - Adding the Keywords and Meta Descriptions Manually; The Good. The very first result on Google gets 31.7% of all clicks, while the results on the second page receive just 0.78% of clicks. That's the.

Place category_description in the meta description (wordpress

Wordpress Custom Meta Description based on Faceted Categories - gist:024f350c2eead8bd6fa15837c306456 Description: The meta description tag is where you want to put an appropriate summary for your website. This is where you want to describe what you offer and what you do. Remember, most search engines only read up to a certain amount of characters, so make your statement concise and to the point. Keywords: The meta keywords tag is where you will want to put all the appropriate keywords. The WooCommerce category description is a good way to increase usability and improve SEO on your site. We can also show a custom category title which is a little more descriptive. To do this, it's good practise to start with something easy, get that working, and then build from there. Show the WooCommerce category description

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Add Meta tags in WordPress Utilizing Website design enhancement Module ; What are Meta tags? A meta tag is a HTML section that recognizes a site or Page data. This information bits advise the web crawlers about the site and the substance that is appeared in the yield of the internet searcher. Step by step instructions to Add Meta tag in WordPress All my categories and tags pages have a description set via Posts | Categories and Posts | Tags screens. What happened instead? Yoast SEO is not generating a meta description being pulled from these descriptions. My web audit tool is complaining about this and for Twitter cards not being valid. How can we reproduce this behavior The Description field is probably the best kept secret of images in WordPress. If you add text to the description field that text will be stored as post content for the attachment post. That means if someone lands on the attachment post page for the image they will see the long description (provided the current theme supports it). To see how. WordPress user meta is custom fields for your users. User meta has existed since WordPress 3.0, and it occupies an entire table of the WordPress database: wp_usermeta. So it's a well-established piece of WordPress's architecture. Now, what is it? Here's the simplest definition: User meta is custom fields for your users. In other words, just as WordPress post meta—also.

Category Meta Descriptions: Give you an overview of the category as a whole and the different sub-categories that are nested under it. As you get down to the lower level sub-categories your meta description will be more focused on that specific sub-category. You will want to use your researched keywords to highlight the most relevant information that a customer would look for when searching. Categories in WordPress help you organize all the related posts in a particular group. This encourages web users to explore more about your posts quickly and easily. In simple words, categories make it super-easy for both the search engine spiders and web readers to find the content on your site. They can be displayed either at the top or bottom of posts, on your menu, in the sidebar, or on. WordPress comes with a default functionality to display author, dates and categories on all posts. These details are known as metadata. While it's a good idea to display these details on your posts, you might have your unique reasons for wanting this information hidden. Unfortunately, WordPress has no switch for turning this feature off or on. However, the beauty about WordPress is that. In this video tutorial, I will show you how to update your WordPress page title and meta description. Adding correct page titles and meta description to your website can help improve your search engine rankings And you should see Category Title wrapped inside H1 HTML tag followed by Description.. Step-4 Styling Category and Tag descriptions. Add below code to your theme's style.css file to beautify Category Title and Description section

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For us, creating or changing our meta description is a simple process as WordPress (our content management system) has been set up to allow this via SEO plugins. If your website is also based on a CMS (i.e. you can log in to the 'back end' to add new content), you should be able to add meta descriptions to your pages relatively easily Most people think meta description writing is easy; Describe the page, pepper in some keywords, and keep below 155 characters. While the basics of meta description tags may seem straightforward, there is much more to meta description writing than meets the eye. In today's post, I'm going to show you exactly how to write the perfect meta description, using my personal fifteen-step process Categories are managed from the Products > Categories screen. Similar to categories on your posts in WordPress, you can add, delete, and edit product categories. Add a Name. Add a Slug (optional); this is the URL-friendly version of the name. Choose a Parent if this is a subcategory. Enter a Description (optional); some themes display this Note: SEO Title Tag 2.3.3 adds compatibility with WordPress 2.7! New for v2.0 Title tags of category pages can optionally be set to the category description. If you use a Meta Tag plugin like Add Meta Tags, then you should not use this feature and instead let the Meta Tag plugin use the category description for the meta description on category pages. If you choose to keep the blog name in.

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Edit WordPress Categories. The editing category is easy for WordPress. You can go to Posts > Categories and hover your mouse to the category you want to edit and click on the Edit option. You can edit name, slug, and add remove parent categories and descriptions. Delete Categories. From the edit section, you can also delete the category. Creating Meta Box Fields for Custom Post Types. The meta box mechanism uses the help of the built in WordPress meta box system and helps to add fields required specifically for the custom post types, without requiring the default custom fields in the editor. Step 1: Registering the Custom Functio If you are looking for a description of the structure of the tables, when creating a post in WordPress, by default you can add a category and some tags to it. Both 'Category' and 'Tag' are examples of a taxonomy, basically a way to group things together. To classify this post (how meta of me) I would give it a category of 'Guide' and tags of 'database' and 'mysql'. The.

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Enable meta descriptions. Check this box if you want to display meta descriptions on category/archive pages. The description is based off the category description you choose when creating/edit your category in wp-admin. Choose title autogeneration method. Here you can choose how your titles on index pages are generated. You can change which. Post Meta is the information in WordPress that displays on a post and tells the reader archive information about the article or post. On a base level, the user is clued in to what time the post was originally published as well as other information, like the category of the post If you're still using long meta descriptions, it's not the end of the world, but we recommend optimizing for the first 110-130 characters. Avoid duplicate titles & descriptions. Duplicate content is a big no-no for search engines, so the same rule applies here. Plus, by using unique titles and meta descriptions for each page, you reinforce to. The Product Categories custom taxonomy. Post Meta Boxes. Meta boxes are the draggable boxes you see in the WordPress edit screen for a post. There are numerous built-in meta boxes like the publishing controls, the taxonomies, the author box, etc., but you can create some for yourself Meta descriptions also appear on the search engine results pages, just below the title tags. The meta description summarizes your page's content and is the first thing users look at to decide whether or not they want to visit your page. Therefore, it is very important to write a crisp and relevant meta description that makes people want to click on your page. Moreover, meta descriptions don't.

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Taxonomies are Tags and categories in WordPress. So to remove the word you need to do the following: Login to your wp-admin; Goto SEO (Yoast SEO) Titles & Metas and click on Taxonomies tab. Then Remove the word Archive Yoast SEO. 2. RankMath - Another Easy way. RankMath is also a SEO plugin and is now beating its way to the top by competing with Yoast SEO. Personally, I have switched. How to Hide Category Archive Title on WordPress. That's all well and good, but you still want or need to remove the category archive title or hide it. We will provide info to hide it across WordPress a bit further down the page, but our themes do make it very easy to hide the category archive title. With our themes installed, simply navigate to the Appearance > Theme Options and then click. Front Page Meta Description. Meta descriptions are a general overview of the contents of your site. Search engines sometimes use this information to determine the site's relevance for specific searches. This meta description setting applies to your site's front page only. They have limited space on search result pages — about 160 characters (although search engines may display more based.

Um eine neue Kategorie hinzuzufügen, gehen Sie im Control Panel zum Menü Produkte > Kategorien (Products > Categories); 2. Our support team is ready to present you a new tutorial that shows how to add your WordPress site to Google Webmaster tools. How to add a PDF viewer in WordPress April 23, 2018 Today we're going to learn how to present your business to the fullest in an easy way. Yoast WordPress SEO Tutorial v3. Getting the best WordPress SEO settings in WordPress can be handled by a number of different plugins, one of the more popular ones is WordPress SEO from Yoast (1 million active WordPress installs). Recently it has been upgraded to version 3 which is a major rewrite of the codebase on how the plugin functions By default, most WordPress themes display a set of meta data on published blog posts. Most of the time, author and date are prominent, and categories and tags show up pretty often, too. This info can certainly be useful, but there are certain instances where you might want to remove author and date. (For example, older 'evergreen' posts can benefit from having the published date removed. So, if the site viewer requires a category archive, WordPress will run a query retrieving all posts belonging to that specific category, and the Loop will show them. But this is just a vary basic example of a main query. We can do a lot of more, and filter the returning result set granularly, just by passing an array of parameters to a new instance of the WP_Query class, as we'll do in the. A meta description tag is generally used to inform the search engine with a short, informative summary of what your page is about. High-quality descriptions can sometimes be displayed in Google's search results as search snippets, helping you get higher click-through rates from SERPs. In addition, if your page has no specific og:description or twitter:description tags, the text from the.

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